NIKYSHOES.IT guarantees that all information provided for the purposes of promotional activities will be processed in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/2003.

Furthermore, NIKYSHOES.IT announces, pursuant to Legislative Decree  196/2003 user data supplied when signing the purchase order and or the compilation of the invoice are excluded from the consent of the interested party as it has been collected in accordance with the fiscal/tax  obligations required by law, regulations and European Community regulation and, in any case, for the sole purpose of meeting its obligations under the purchase contract which it is part of and/or the acquisition of the necessary contractual information always exclusively as a result of a request by the latter (Art. 24 , Letter. A and B, of the Legislative Decree. 196/2003).

NIKYSHOES states, in particular, that personal data supplied by its customers will not be used for the purposes of commercial information and/or the sending of advertising material or for carrying out market research or interactive commercial communication, except as a result of prior consent of the Customer.

Data is processed electronically in compliance with the laws in force and can be produced only at the request of court or other authority for permitted legal purposes.

The interested party enjoys the rights under Article  7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, 196/2003,namely: to seek confirmation of the existence of their personal data held at the headquarters of NIKYSHOES.IT; to know their origin, logic and purpose of processing; to have that data updated, corrected, and integrated; to request cancellation, transformation of the data into an anonymous form or have it blocked in the event of unlawful processing; to oppose the processing of the data for legitimate reasons or if the data is used for sending advertising material, commercial information, market research, direct sales and interactive commercial communications.

Obtaining proof of the removal of the personal data is subject to sending a written communication by e-mail (privacy@NIKYSHOES.IT) or in the post to the company headquarters.
e. The data controller in the collection of personal data is Nikimarty Fashion srl, Via Mario Severino 4 - 81038 - TrentolaDucenta (CE), in the form of its legal representative

Information on the processing of personal data, ex Art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003

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