1. Care is everything

Always waterproof your shoes.  Waterproofing protects your shoes from the rain while also providing stain proofing. Please note, that patent leather, curried leather and synthetic materials need to be treated with specific oils.

Use specific oil treatment for shoes made in synthetic materials.

Waterproof your leather handbags as well as fabric ones to prevent staining.

Don’t forget to always clean your shoes with a hydrating creme before polishing them.

Clean your shoes every 15 days with a make-up remover lotion, let them dry, waterproof then polish them with a soft shining cloth.

Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for more than two consecutive days, to ensure the health of your feet and your shoes. 

Keep your shoes in their own boxes to avoid any external damage, if possible use shoe trees.

Wear your shoes a few days before a special occasion to avoid blisters and other unpleasant surprises.

Think about putting a thin in-sole in your slippers and heeled shoes to avoid the foot sliding.

On rainy days, let your shoes dry naturally, stuffed with newspaper or a shoe tree so that they keep their shape. 

2. How to polish your shoes.

All the shoe professionals will tell you: for your leather shoes to maintain their luminosity for as long as possible, they need to be waxed.  That said, contrary to what is thought, it is not enough to just wax them. A nutrient creme needs to be applied first.  Choose a slightly lighter colour than the leather of your shoes to maintain their original colour (or choose a slightly darker colour to accentuate the colour of the leather).Before applying the creme with a soft cloth, dust off your shoes using a brush. Apply the creme using light circular motions.  Leave the creme to dry for a few minutes and the buff your shoes to a shine using a soft shoe brush. It is only now that you can apply the wax.

To apply the wax, put a quantity of wax sufficient for the whole shoe in a cloth. Massage the leather using a light circulation motion. Finish the shoe by adding a few drops of water to the cloth to “set” the wax. Leave it to dry a few minutes, then brush to make the wax penetrate the leather.  Leave the shoe rest then buff energetically with a cotton cloth.


Well maintained shoes will last for a very long time....

3. Advice on maintaining fresh feet.

Your feet suffer!  Stuck, compressed, confined in small spaces, in short they are mistreated on a daily basis stuffed inside your shoes. Your feet are the target of several uncomfortable that damage their well-being.

In fact, the frequent wearing of sneakers/trainers or closed shoes encourages the sweating and maceration of your feet. Sweat which encourages the development of bacteria, eczema and other fungus. Infections which occur are more commonly known as:   Athlete’s foot and onychomycosis. These affect many people and are caused by wearing shoes which are not breathable.  Athlete’s foot is a common skin infection, manifesting with lesions of the webs of the toes which is very itchy. Onychomycosis is a fungus which spreads on and under the nails.  These benign infections need to be treated quickly as they are very contagious.

In order to avoid this, here is some helpful advice:

- Choose socks made from natural fibres that will better absorb sweat.

- Perforated soles promote better air circulation inside the shoe

- Try not to wear the same shoes every day, and disinfect the inside of the shoes from time to time.

- In the event of burning sensation, choose flexible leathers that allow the foot to breathe.


- Of course the best protection for your feet is impeccable foot hygiene: wash your feet frequently with soap and water.