Legal Terms


This notice contains the legal terms and conditions that regulate the NIKYSHOES.IT website. By accessing the NIKYSHOES.IT website, the users undertake to accept and agree to abide and comply with all the conditions contained in this declaration. NIKYSHOES.IT reserves the right to ask customers who do not accept or wish to comply with these terms to abstain from using the NIKYSHOES.IT website.

Access to the site and its related services are exclusively for personal use.  Viewing the NIKYSHOES.IT website provides customers with product information together with the possibility of purchasing the merchandise.

Availability of products

The assortment of products on NIKYSHOES.IT reflects the precise stock availability of each item by size and colour.  The website is connected to all the NIKYSHOES.IT shops and warehouses. As an authorised re-seller of the brands shown on the site, NIKYSHOES.IT guarantees the authenticity each item. On receipt of the order request, the NIKYSHOES.IT order department reserves the right to confirm the availability of the item(s) purchased, the validity of the credit card transaction and to check the details of previous orders made by the customer on NIKYSHOES.IT. In the event that the item(s) ordered are not available, or if for any reason the order cannot be completed as requested by the customer, the NIKYSHOES.IT order department will inform the customer immediately.



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